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Tips for a Great Diet Competition at Work

The office can definitely a place where people end up putting on a few pounds. And that’s no surprise, right? With all the sitting at desks, munching at your desk, December office parties, ordering lunch as a group, and don’t forget the baked goodies co-workers bring in especially in December. We all know what desks to visit if you have a craving for something sweet because they have a jar of goodies sitting prominently there for you to grab. And so it goes that it’s no wonder extra weight starts to creep onto our own personal scale. So that said, instead of getting bigger and bigger at our job, consider losing some weight together by starting a Biggest Loser-style challenge at your office.

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There are several things to consider when you wonder how to start a biggest loser at work.

1. Choose a starting date on which everyone gets weighed that day at the office or at home. It’s important to have a start date so that you have a basemark to use in the calculations. It’s also good for buzz because people will be talking about it that day and the days leading up to it. You could consider recording the numbers on a chart that the weight loss competitor gets to hold onto. Oh, wait, NO DON’T DO THAT!!! Remember that here, the stats for each person competing are recorded easily, quickly, and privately online.

2. Next choose whether you’ll be requiring weekly weigh-ins or just a single grand-slam weigh-in on the final day. Now, you might be tempted to choose one single weigh-in on the final day because you don’t want all the hassle of reminding people and getting their weights, but once again, remember that on our site you don’t have to worry about that. Additionally, weight loss wars competitions have a feature allowing the administrator of the biggest loser at work to email everyone in the competition with just a single click.

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3. Choose a final date for the end of the biggest loser competition. Make sure that the competition goes for an amount of time that gives the weight loss contestants to make real progress in chipping away at their weight, but don’t let it drag on so long that coworkers become disinterested in the challenge. Most common lengths are 2-4 months, with 12 week biggest loser at work competitions being the most common.

4. Then of course, you’ve got to figure out what the office Biggest Loser will win as far as prizes go! A couple options to consider are that everyone from the office can put $10 or $20 into a pot and the winner wins the grand prize total of the entire pot. You could also do it as a wager like everyone chips in to buy the winner a massage, a gym pass, etc. Once again, our features come to the rescue by allowing you to specify and track prize pot money while retaining complete control over the prize money (because weight loss wars does not accept nor handle the actual cash involved in the competition.) For distributed workforces that are located at more than one office, you might consider using paypal to handle prize money.

5. Remember that it doesn’t matter how many pounds each weight loss warrior loses — it’s more about the percentage of body weight lost compared to the starting weight. You’ll find that even though it’s a competition, people will trash talk all day long, but when it comes right down to it, people will encourage each other, support, and motivate each other to eat healthier. You may also notice a significant decrease in the 3 p.m. runs to the doughnut shop! Some of the skinniest people in the office may find themselves all the sudden all alone on these convenience store and doughnut store runs! You’ll notice the strangest things like people spontaneously assembling into groups to work out during lunch or groups of walkers taking to the sidewalks around the office on lunch breaks.
Remember that weight loss is aided immensely by a little healthy competition! This can be just what you need to help you ditch old habits and get sparked onto the path that brings you back much closer to the weight you had in high school.

Why do invite your Friends to Lose Weight with You

So you want to invite a friend to lose weight with you? But you don’t know how to do it without offending/being awkward/ looking like anidiot?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! One of the most difficult parts about losing weight in a group is inviting people to lose weight with you. Weight can be such a touchy issue and you always want to deal with it sensitively.

Of course, you could always just email them one of the invitations on the site that starts with this:


I can tell just by looking at those funky shoes you’ve been wearing that you haven’t seen your feet in a while. Tell me, when you get on the scale in the morning does it say, “to be continued?” Well, quit yer whining, you’re not the only one. I’ve got more rolls than a bakery, and I’m ready for a change.

Yes. Yes, that IS the pre-written invitation that you can send out to your friends online when you invite them to join a weight loss competition on. Now, I’m not ripping on whoever wrote that invite… wait… yes I am. It ain’t no good.

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Don’t send that invite. Unless you hate the person. Or have a very comfortable/ slightly mean relationship with them. But trust me on this one, you don’t want to send that bad boy to your boss.

So how DO you invite someone to do a weight loss competition with you without implying that they are fat?

Here’s a few suggestions that might help:

· Always mention that you are doing it first. People will feel less judged if you tell them from the get-go, “I’m involved in aweight loss competition” instead of just saying “I think YOU should getinvolved in a weight loss competition.”

· Tell people that you need support in your goals, and that when they join, not only are they helping themselves, but they are supporting YOU. Interestingly enough, people sometimes respond better to helping others than to helping themselves.

· You might mention that the goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s something that everyone, no matter their weight, should be striving for, so it won’t sound too offensive. Try “I have been feeling so much better since I joined this weight loss competition. I’ve been eating healthier and exercising too and I just feel so healthy! Would you be interested in doing it with me?”

· Mention the incentives. Most people on compete for money. One of the first rules of economics is that people respond to incentives. Sometimes just losing the weight isn’t enough motivation for people, but once you add an incentive- a little bit of cash and a little healthy competition, people will quickly spring to action.

· Always be careful to read a situation. If the person seems interested or mentions that their weight is a problem, you can speak a little more openly. However, if someone seems to draw away or become very shy, it’s best to not push the issue. Instead, just continue in your competition and show them through example how much healthier you feel and how much weight you’re losing. Chances are they’ll be chomping at the bit to join your next competition!

Show them the site! Especially the testimonials! Anyone will be convinced after they see how well it has worked for thousands of people across the country.

What ideas do you have for successfully inviting friends to start a weight loss competition?

Now, go on, what are you waiting for? Start inviting everyone you know, set up your competition, and begin shedding those pounds! Remember, you can lose together or you can gain alone!