Weight Loss Competition – Are you in?

Want a handful of rules that have been helpful for many of the thousands of successful weight loss  challenges?

Here is a handy handful of biggest loser competition rules for you to consider. And if you want to get started with your own biggest loser challenge here on the site for the dirt cheap $10 that it takes to create the competition, here you go, too, click here: Start a Competition & Apply some Biggest Loser Competition Rules right now!

Weight loss challenges are not just a popular TV series about weight loss, they’re a real movement that your office, family, or friend group can tap into.

So now with the perpetual new year looming once again right up ahead. Why not hit up your HR department to start your own office challenge. Or heck, if you ARE human resources. You might be looking for some guidance to run one. So, we’ve automated the entire process so you can be up & running in a matter of a few minutes.

Okay so let’s get down to the skinny: If you want to run a challenge with with coworkers or friends or family, here are some some universal rules for running a weight loss challenge that you can pick and choose from:

1. Consider Requiring the competitors to pick a scale and weigh in on the same one throughout the whole contest.

2. For fairness, you can choose to use weight loss as a percentage. Of course you’ll want to note that you won’t have to worry about doing these calculations because we do these calculations for you and each competitor in the stats section. It’s as simple as each contestant entering their weight on their own profile. This information is kept private and they can choose to show it off to the world.

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3. Pick a fun competition name! If doing a team based challenge, let the teams create creative names that describe themselves in a fun way. Remember that here each competitor can also choose their own creative and unique username if they want to add to the fun.

4. Set starting dates that are far enough out that you’ll be able to get the word out to enough people. But don’t set the date so far out that people lose interested. Many of them will be itching to get started losing weight once they get the idea of the biggest loser competition in their head!

5. Pick a length of time that gives competitors enough time to lose weight. The most typical weight loss competition length is 12 weeks. This is also a standard length for many weight loss programs such that people will be able to make some real progress. Some will want a longer competition in order to lose more consistently over time. So you can balance the desires and goals of your people. The longer the competition, the less motivated people become over time, so you’ll want to keep in mind that you’ll need good ways to keep people motivated.

6. Sending invitations can be a fun part of the competition itself because of the proprietary “Smack-talk” invitation engine.

7. Consider setting a cash prize pot that will turn some heads. For the most committed participants, require everyone thrown a specific dollar amount into a pot such as $10, $20, $50 or even $100 or more. Weight loss people can keep track of this amount so that people will see what the amount of money they could win by being the biggest loser.

8. Consider weekly prizes to keep people involved even if they don’t feel like they’re going to be the ultimate biggest loser in the competition. If you’re doing an office competition, consider having the company match that amount or handle weekly prizes that will give good buzz and excitement. Many companies give away iphones, ipads, gym memberships, bikes, and vacations as weekly and final prizes.


9. Consider that you can set up your competition to be an individual or a team based challenge. The team challenges bring more group participation and motivation, and they’re super simple to organize on the site. All you need is for people to self-organize into teams of specific amounts of participants. For example, you might allow coworkers to create teams of between 3 and 5 members. You might consider having offices team up against other offices.

9. Remember to HAVE FUN, Eat healthier (or how about just eating less), and put in some good time exercising.

10. Specify a weigh-in day of the week each week or a period of days. For example, if you wanted to allow competitors to weigh in on any day of the weekend or any day between Friday night at midnight and Monday night at midnight, that would allow people to choose the best time for their optimal weight. They won’t want to weigh in when they’re feeling “heavy!” So if they have a couple days, they can get ready.

11. You can also make a decision as to whether you want to prepay the $10 entry fee for each participant in the contest (i.e. for all company employees). Or on the contrary you may want to consider letting each contestant put more skin into the game by paying the $10 entry fee themselves.

12. It’s a good idea to allow people to join the competition “late” after the official start date when the body weights will start registering weight loss percentage. If you let them join anytime up to within the first few weeks, they may need play catch up to drop as many pounds as their counterparts who started earlier, but they can do it! Many people will want to join in when hearing about it and it’s good to let them join late.

13. You may want to think about splitting the prize pot if you’re doing one. There are many creative ways that prize pots have been split, such as 100% to the biggest loser. Or 70% to 1st place loser, 30% to the 2nd place loser, etc. Or you could consider donating 50% of the prize pot to a charity of the biggest loser’s choice and the 50% goes to the biggest loser them self. Other competitions award everyone who loses weight at all. Still others require competitors to reach a base percent loss, such as 5% and if they reach this amount, they share in the “big pot” to the exclusion of those who don’t reach this minimum goal. You get the picture that you can get creative here.

14. Consider making weekly weigh-ins requires, but allowing a few misses so contestants aren’t inclined to give up after just missing one weigh-in. It’s been proven that competitors who weigh in regularly, (at least weekly) lose significant amounts more and also are more likely to keep it off!

15. Develop a culture where people are free to trash talk, and can lay it on nice and heavy with those who they have a good relationship with, But also make sure that there is lots of support and encouragement going around as well. It is found that talking smack can add to the fun, competitive nature of the competitions. And it has been shown to spark weight loss as people get fired up.

16. Consider requiring competitors to write a nice, positive comment on the competition wall once per day, or once per week. This encourages people to watch for the wins and successes amount their fellow competitors and also gives them a chance to razz a friend for having lost the lead that week!

17. Members of the competition will find a fun and strange sense of accomplishment as they lose even just half of a pound. This is further magnified as they can view their own personal weight loss graph and as they can view their percentage lost on the competition leader-board. Here they’ll be able to compare their own loss percentage to their competitors in real time!

18. Consider having the contestants write a journal entry about how they’re doing and how they’re feeling. If they choose, they can publish this publicly, or they can keep it private. Either way there are 10’s of thousands of stories that you can read on internet from others who have published their stories in the adventures in health section of the site. Read, get involved, get inspired, relate with others’ struggles, and learn how others have overcome their weight loss problem.

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